The New Book Review: The Crime of Chernobyl – The Nuclear Gulag

Canadian Slavonic Papers (Revue Canadienne des Slavistes) published a book review “The Crime of Chernobyl – The Nuclear Gulag” by Alexander Belyakov.
To cite this article:
Alexander Belyakov (2017): The Crime of Chernobyl – The Nuclear Gulag, edited by Wladimir Tchertkoff. Glagoslav Publications, London, 2015, 622 pp. €34.70 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-784-37932-2/ €27.90 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-784-37931-5, Canadian Slavonic Papers, DOI: 10.1080/00085006.2017.1305013

About Wladimir Tchertkoff:

Wladimir Tchertkoff is a journalist. He released with Emanuela Andreoli in 2003 the film The Sacrifice, a documentary on the liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This film received an award from the Île-de-France council for the best scientific and environment documentary in November 2004. He has also received the award of the best documentary of the Festival of Scientific Movies of Oullins, France. He is also one of the founders of the Children of Chernobyl Belarus.

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