A Workshop and a Panel Discussion at University of California at Berkeley

Alexander Belyakov will be facilitating a workshop on Nuclear Safety in the 3-week certificate course in Sustainable Environmental Management offered by The Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program at University of California at Berkeley this July. Read more here.

You are welcome to join a Panel Discussion on Peace and Environment: Ukraine’s crisis and challenges in Eastern Europe (Prof. Yuriy Gorodnichenko, A. Belyakov, Prof. J Keith Gilless) at Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center, University of California at Berkeley. Monday, July 13, 2015. Please register here. 

The 2015 three-week summer certificate course in Sustainable Environmental Management will be from June 27 – July 18, 2015. The ELP offers a series of interdisciplinary workshops with a focus on innovation and collaboration. Workshops are facilitated by UC Berkeley faculty and non-academic experts from the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Training methods include lectures, small group exercises, role-play simulations, debates, participant case studies, panels and presentations, and open space sharing. There are 8 workshop topics: 1) policies for sustainable development, 2) leadership for collaborative change, 3) population, health, and the environment, 4) impact assessment and quantitative analysis, 5) population, poverty/wealth, and the environment, 6) resources and sustainable livelihoods, 7) mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, and 8) sustainable business practices.

Over the last fourteen years (2001-2014), the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program has graduated over 540 leaders from nearly 110 countries. Participants come from a wide range of environmental and sustainable development agencies and organizations, local to global, who share in common the goal to better understand and support sustainable human-environment interactions. You may also browse through the alumni network website here.

The Beahrs ELP at Berkeley is designed for mid-career development and environmental practitioners who are challenged to solve complex cross-sectoral environmental problems. They come from nonprofit and community-based organizations, applied research and educational institutions, government, international agencies and the business sector.

ELP summer training provides participants with a unique opportunity to interact with UC Berkeley, as well as their global peers, to access new information and tools, share practical experiences and develop the types of leadership skills that translate knowledge into effective action. Participants are continually challenged to meet environmental goals with collaborative solutions that also reduce poverty and social conflict.